Some of the purifiers of water that can be used by people for traveling purposes.

What do you understand by water filters? Water filters are filters that remove all the harmful chemicals and materials from the water. There are numerous types of water filters that people can use for domestic and commercial purposes.

While traveling, we don’t know whether the water is clean or not. So, to get rid of this problem people should carry travel water filters with them. These travel water filters are small bottled filters that people can use for purification of water. If someone wants to know more about purifiers then they can take help from aquaguard service Delhi.

Some of the different types of travel water filters are mentioned below as follows:


  1. Grayl travel water filter
  2. This water purifier is very much simple to use. This water filter is a bottled purifier. People have to fill the water bottle and then they just have to press the button on the cap of the bottle then automatically the inner mechanism of the bottle will start cleaning water.
  3. This water purifier as G3 water filters that kills 99.99% of bacteria and germ from the water. This is the best type of water purifier that people can carry with them while traveling. If a person wants to buy these travel purifiers then they can take help from aquaguard service center in Delhi.

Pros: This is the best purifier that cleans the water in just 15 seconds and the purification is done without wasting water.

Cons: This is a water filter that is designed or use of one person only.


  1. Life Saver bottle water purifier
  2. This is also a travel water purifier that people can use while traveling. It is a water bottle similar to a biker’s water bottle.
  3. This lifesaver water filter kills all the germs, bacteria, fungi etc. from the water without using any batteries, UV light or power. These are the best purifiers that make the water 100% effective and better for consumption while traveling.

Pros: This water purifier cleans the water very quickly without using any outside power.

Cons: This lifesaver water purifier is costly and is difficult to buy. It is very hard to replace the parts or filters of this purifier as because they are to very expensive.

  1. SteriPen Ultra
  2. This is again a device that can be used by people for purifying water while traveling. This is a pen life device that passes UV light in the water and kills all the germs and bacteria from the water.
  3. People should simply put the pen device upside-down in the water and stir the water well to treat it and purify it properly.

Pros: This water purifier can purify water just in a minute. The compact size of this purifier is perfect and it can be used to purify any bottle of water.

Cons: This water purifier has a disadvantage of draining of battery while purifying the water.

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