How To Choose The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin?

Winter weather is in no way easy for the skin. The cold weather condition and the low humidity may easily result in rough and dry air that steals the natural moisture away. Without a proper care routine, rough and dry skin can even lead to cracks that even starts to bleed. To make things worse, the harsh winter wind also plays role in damaging the skin cells. Not only the cold weather but indoor heat can further steal moisture of the air, as so do baths or hot showers.
Additional moisture can really help, but you will be required to do something more in order to counteract these effects. To reduce itching, chapping, redness, and keep skin more supple, healthy and comfortable this season, go for the right steps to choose moisturizer cream.

Moisturiser and cleanser can be the best friends for the skin and a healthy skin-care regime follows both. To choose the right kind of product can be a bit hectic when so many advertisements claim their company or product is best. But you can go for the right product considering the type of skin you have. Also, to take from those advertisements are the facts that whether the product is dermatologically tested.

Here, we have listed a few points which you can consider while choosing the product for your skin.

Skin type: First thing you have to keep in your head is to know the correct form or type of your skin. You already know if your skin produces that irritating shiny grease over your T-zone, then you have an oily skin. Dry skin looks flaky at times and it is easiest to recognise. Normal skin can also be recognised easily but if you get a lot of pimple with each and every product, then you are likely to have a sensitive skin. You can take help from a Dermatologist, the person who deals with people‚Äôs skin and all skin related problems. After getting the idea of your skin type the next step is to find out the problem you generally have with your skin in Winter, whether it’s getting more oily, or drier or any other problem.

Note the ingredients: You are the best person who knows which ingredient suits you. The product should be based on that only. For example, some people are allergic to aloe vera while other know it works heavenly. Hence, you can according choose or avoid the product considering the ingredient.

Added Sunscreen: If you are prone to tanning, then you probably require SPF products. You can according choose from the various SPF options available in the market. Generally, SPF 30 is the minimum that you can find with various skin benefits. The moisturizers with SPF are the best kinds of cosmetics you can get.

Application rule

The skin of your face is more sensitive than parts of the body. So, make sure to apply the moisturiser gently. Do not apply a large amount at once, rather take a smaller proportion every time you feel like applying. The moisturizer cream or any product that we use for our face should be massaged in a circular motion. Hence, you can rub the cream gently on a circular motion which makes sure that your pores are getting every particle properly. Also cleaning before applying the moisturizer is highly recommended.

When to apply moisturizer

Whenever you treat the skin to get a better texture, it requires time. Although the best time to apply the moisturizer would be after taking a bath when the skin is in most sensitive and tends to lose its moisture. Applying a few drops will help lock the pores and retain the moisture. Also, applying the cream before sleep is another great time when the product will get enough hours to treat the skin.

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