Embarrassed with Dandruff, Here are the Causes!

Embarrassed with Dandruff, Here are the Causes!

Dandruff is a harmless, chronic condition which occurs when there is dryness or grease on the scalp and it produces white flakes of dead skin which can be seen on hair or on the shoulders. Although the dandruff is harmless it can be embarrassing n most of the situations. There are many root causes of dandruff and today we will be sharing some of them with you. 

  • Irritated and oily skin

Not only the hair, but dandruff can also be seen in many odd places as well. The condition can affect the scalp and the areas which are mentioned as they are rich in oil glands. These include our nostrils, the backs of our ears, the groin and armpits. This situation is a result of seborrheic dermatitis.

  • Dry skin

If you are having dry skin or are suffering from a skin condition known as eczema, which results in the dryness in scalp also which finally results in flaky and probably also very itchy scalp. These flakes are usually smaller and less oily. The dry is caused due to the cold climates or in winter when the temperature is very low. Try to use moisturizing dandruff shampoo for this type of skin.

  • Not shampooing enough

It is also one of the root causes of dandruff. Not maintaining the proper hygiene for your hair can result in stubborn dandruff. Not washing your hair with shampoo enough can be a cause of this condition. Also, it is needed to be kept in mind that shampooing more often can dry out the scalp also which will eventually result in dandruff.

  • Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions like air pollution, heat, and dry air are also the reason which results in dandruff. It causes the irritation in the skin and results in allergic like conditions. These conditions also worsen the dandruff condition in the scalp.

  • An unbalanced diet

What we eat is reflected on our skin and hair. An unbalanced diet is also the cause of dandruff in your scalp. The proper diet will be helpful in getting rid of dandruff-like conditions.

  • Stress

In this world, we are very prone to stress but very little people are known of the fact that stress can also be the root cause of dandruff. Stress can cause an itch-scratch cycle which will tempt you more to itch your scalp and hence results in worse conditions.

There are many tips which can be very useful in getting rid of this condition You can use good quality shampoos like ketomac shampoo which can be very useful in removing these conditions. Also, do not forget to keep the good hygiene of the hair by having the proper diet and remaining the stress-free life. Also, when these conditions are diagnosed on time can be handled properly. The timely treatment can be very helpful.

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